Saturday, 7 September 2013

Changing Silver Hi-Fi Components to Black

Swapping out separates on my Hi-Fis over the years, I had been largely left with black components and two silvers. So I decided that I was going to change the colour of the silver ones to black. As the front panels are machined from 6mm aluminium, my original intention was to machine up black copies & keep the originals. However, work load was dictating to me that I was going to have to modify the originals instead.

The items to be changed were Roksan Kandy & Sonneteer Bronte compact disc players:

So I took the face plates & drawer fronts off & rubbed off the screen printed text with fine wet & dry. They blank plates & the aluminium buttons were then sent out for re-anodising. One returned I redrew the sybols on CAD & changed the text slightly on the Roksan as I know it is a cd player! These were etched in on the laser machine & double sided stick foam tape profiled to reattach the cd drawers. The result:

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