Friday, 7 February 2014

More Custom Land Rover Badges

Below are some images of various Land Rover badges that I have been making over the past couple of weeks. As you can see I have been experimenting with additional fill colours.

Lisa at John Brown Land Rovers contacted me to see if I could produce a badge for the rear of their vehicles. The image below shows the resulting badges. They can now be seen adorning their mouth watering stock, which can be found here: John Brown Land Rovers

Some more custom badges to finish off some Series rebuilds:

 Land Rover Defender bonnet badge made from solid aluminium:

Defender rear badges:

Range Rover Classic badges: I was asked to see if I could reproduce the lower portion of the Classic badge to match with the black & silver Land Rover badges. Unfortunately I don't have a black & silver badge, but here it is with the green version:

And finally a request for a new rear badge for the rear of a Defender 50th:

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